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jQuery based implementation of the Plupload API - multi-runtime file uploading API.

To use the widget you must include jQuery. It is not meant to be extended in any way and is provided to be used as it is.


  • settings Object
    For detailed information about each option check documentation.
  • url String
    URL of the server-side upload handler.
  • [chunk_size=0] Number|String
    Chunk size in bytes to slice the file into. Shorcuts with b, kb, mb, gb, tb suffixes also supported. e.g. 204800 or "204800b" or "200kb". By default - disabled.
  • [file_data_name="file"] String
    Name for the file field in Multipart formated message.
  • [filters=[] Array
    Set of file type filters, each one defined by hash of title and extensions. e.g. {title : "Image files", extensions : "jpg,jpeg,gif,png"}. Dispatches plupload.FILE_EXTENSION_ERROR
  • [flash_swf_url] String
    URL of the Flash swf.
  • [headers] Object
    Custom headers to send with the upload. Hash of name/value pairs.
  • [max_file_size] Number|String
    Maximum file size that the user can pick, in bytes. Optionally supports b, kb, mb, gb, tb suffixes. e.g. "10mb" or "1gb". By default - not set. Dispatches plupload.FILE_SIZE_ERROR.
  • [max_retries=0] Number
    How many times to retry the chunk or file, before triggering Error event.
  • [multipart=true] Boolean
    Whether to send file and additional parameters as Multipart formated message.
  • [multipart_params] Object
    Hash of key/value pairs to send with every file upload.
  • [multi_selection=true] Boolean
    Enable ability to select multiple files at once in file dialog.
  • [prevent_duplicates=false] Boolean
    Do not let duplicates into the queue. Dispatches plupload.FILE_DUPLICATE_ERROR.
  • [required_features] String|Object
    Either comma-separated list or hash of required features that chosen runtime should absolutely possess.
  • [resize] Object
    Enable resizng of images on client-side. Applies to image/jpeg and image/png only. e.g. {width : 200, height : 200, quality : 90, crop: true}
  • [width] Number
    If image is bigger, it will be resized.
  • [height] Number
    If image is bigger, it will be resized.
  • [quality=90] Number
    Compression quality for jpegs (1-100).
  • [crop=false] Boolean
    Whether to crop images to exact dimensions. By default they will be resized proportionally.
  • [runtimes="html5,flash,silverlight,html4"] String
    Comma separated list of runtimes, that Plupload will try in turn, moving to the next if previous fails.
  • [silverlight_xap_url] String
    URL of the Silverlight xap.
  • [unique_names=false] Boolean
    If true will generate unique filenames for uploaded files.
  • [dragdrop=true] Boolean
    Enable ability to add file to the queue by drag'n'dropping them from the desktop.
  • [rename=false] Boolean
    Enable ability to rename files in the queue.
  • [multiple_queues=true] Boolean
    Re-activate the widget after each upload procedure.


  <!-- Instantiating: -->
  <div id="uploader">
    <p>Your browser doesn't have Flash, Silverlight or HTML5 support.</p>

      url : '../upload.php',
      filters : [
        {title : "Image files", extensions : "jpg,gif,png"}
      rename: true,
      flash_swf_url : '../../js/Moxie.swf',
      silverlight_xap_url : '../../js/Moxie.xap',
  // Retrieving a reference to plupload.Uploader object
  var uploader = $('#uploader').pluploadQueue();

  uploader.bind('FilesAdded', function() {

    // Autostart
    setTimeout(uploader.start, 1); // "detach" from the main thread
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