Plupload 2.1.3 The latest the greatest, but still the most stable. Historically we didn't have any unit tests for the code base and checked reliability by hand, which is obviously not reliable by definition. We acknowledge the problem and build unit tests on the go (currently 500+ and counting). While we've not yet covered all of it, release has to pass all available checks before it actually comes out. Download
Nightly Build Not all updates result into a new major or minor releases, but they still might be quite important, nonetheless. We do compile nightly now and then and often inbetween the releases. If you are looking for the latest stuff, and are not afraid of accidental instabilities, you are welcome to try it out. We appreciate your feedback. Download
Plupload 1.5.8 The final stable version from original 1.x branch. The last one having support for Google Gears and BrowserPlus. If you still care about these, this is the version you should try. Otherwise we do not recommend it. Download
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