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Hi guys, Is there any one out there using this great app combined with Coldfusion instead PHP.... I just need a sample code of the Coldfusion page, in which shows how to listen or what struct or variables is receiving?

Any one?

Thank you all

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Ok, I can see my question got 20 hits, not much, but I will try to find out, how to make it work using a coldfusion component, and I'll come back to let you know in case some of those 20 are also looking how to...

Thanks again

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While I figure it out, this plug in also offers upload, and it does offer some coldfusion samples too...

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Thank you for recommending other plugin, rather then sharing your example. We definitely need to learn Coldfusion smile

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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Hi Davit,

No, I prefer plupload, but I still don't have the time to "play" with it yet, probably this weekend will have the time, and of course I will share everything that can be useful to others.

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Would be very welcome if you could provide us with a coldfusion example backend since we don't have that deep knowledge of that technology.

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For coldfusion:

In your upload file, the bare minimum needed is:

<cffile action="upload"

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I posted a Gist for CFC that also supports chunked uploads. You can add more specific error handling as per the Plupload PHP example. Also you could code it as a .cfm template if you prefer

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Hi everyone

This is my first post here. Like others, I have tried to integrate plupload with coldfusion. The script Johans shared works fine for me. I have naed it upload.cfc and also managed to call it's 'upload' function that handles the upload and creates a variable named 'response' that holds the information of the uploaded file.

For anyone interested in using Johans script will need to download it ans save it with any name they like with an extension of .cfc

Then in the uploader script, the url attribute should look like this:

url : '../upload.cfc?method=upload',

Just alter the path to wherever you have saved Johan's script and add '?method=upload'

I have got this far. My problem, if anyone can help me, is implementing an event to run when all the files have been uploaded, to read and output into a table the information of the 'response' variable returned by the cfc script.

Any help, guidance, or code would be very helpful.
Has anyone got plupload working with coldfusion yet?

The last post to this thread was way back in July 2011 by Johan, just wondering if there has been any progress with intergating coldfusion with plupload.

Thank you in advance!
PS! If you need the code I have used so far, then just email me and I'll be happy to share.