Topic: Files doesn't saved

Hi !
I've a problem with pupload.
The process is finished and return me that all files is uploaded,
but nothing is write on the web space....
Tank you very much


Re: Files doesn't saved

Have you tested it locally?  Have you tested it by forcing it to use different runtimes individually?


//runtimes: 'gears,html5,flash,silverlight,browserplus',
runtimes: 'html5',

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Re: Files doesn't saved

The default $targetDir directory is within PHP's tmp folder, where you normally can't look at in a (shared) hosting environment. The file normally is moved to your own htdocs folder with move_uploaded_file(). Unfortunately plupload does NOT move the file by default. So I bet it either is in PHP's tmp folder as described above, OR you've set an incorrect path for $targetDir, and the file is not uploaded at all (even if the GUI says it is).

Re: Files doesn't saved

thank ypu for the reply.
@ RA i have not tryed locally, but have tested with html5 and flash, same result.
@djot yes i change the target folder in ./uploads or uploads, but nothing file is saved

Re: Files doesn't saved

If you use e.g. the example "queue widget" and leave the folder structure as is in the download .zip. $targetDir ='./uploads' should work ... ok, you have to make sure, for your runtime the path is set to ../upload.php (which it's not for all runtimes, except flash. Then, if you have a folder for all plupload files (e.g. "plupload") you should find the uploaded files in ./plupload/examples/uploads (make sure uploads is writeable).