Topic: Image resizer - parameters/capabilities

I am currently using plupload 1.5.3, and I am concentrating on the Flash based components. This is excellent code.
Regarding the client-side image resize function. I have a question, as I have not found documentation yet on paramaters or capabilities.
At present, it appears to resize the longest side of an image to whatever is specified in width: or height:. EXIF data is retained, so the resized image appears correctly proportioned and the right way up (a big improvement over some other uploaders!).
Ideally I want to specify something like just height:500, so that a landscape image will end up something like 700*500 and a portrait image will end up something like 300*500. I cant specify both H and W as images will have differing aspect ratios.
Can the resizer do this??

Re: Image resizer - parameters/capabilities