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Immediately stop uploading
Despite of having uploader.stop() method, there was no way to immediately stop upload procedure, especially in Flash and SilverLight runtimes. Real stopping was possible only with chunking enabled and only after the chunk that was being currently uploaded was finished. Now uploader.stop() does what everybody expected it to do - stop everything right there, right now. Note: cleanup logic has been revived to upload.php, in order to remove temp files, left by cancelled uploads.

Fix freeze bug in Flash Player 11 when resizing
BitmapDataUnlimited class has been our big friend for a while already, helping us to overcome Flash constrains on image resolutions in Flash. But after upgrading to FP11 it failed to dispatch proper event notifications. So we replaced that part. It is probably worth to say that according to official Adobe press-releases Flash Player doesn't have constrains on image resolutions anymore. The only limit now is a sky!... ehm... I mean a RAM on your PC.

Properly disable dialog trigger if required
Some users always wondered how to properly hide file dialog trigger. While setting display:none for HTML/Gears/BrowserPlus runtimes worked just fine, it caused re-initialization for Flash and SilverLight. That's how those technologies work - they cannot be hidden, covered by other elements or moved off the screen. So we went a different way - added ability to disable them. Having in mind that they are transparent and unclickable if required, they can be considered properly hidden now. Welcome new all-runtime method: uploader.disableBrowse(). Can take in true (default) or false.

More language packs
Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian languages were added, thanks to all contributors. Including these, Plupload is now translated to 17 languages (!)

Happy new year! smile

UI Widget: Do not show UI if no runtime can be initialized.
UI Widget: Timely update file size and total size if resize in action.
UI Widget: Constrain renaming feature to queued files only.
UI Widget: Disable Add button properly, if requested, rather then just hide.
HTML4/HTML5/BrowserPlus: Avoid adding mime type twice to dialog trigger.
HTML5: fix regression, when unresized images were failing on FF3.6.
HTML5: Constrain Gecko 2,5,6 workaround to multipart mode only.
HTML5/Flash: Take into account weird possibilities of ExifVersion being a string, rather then standard Undefined.
Flash: Simplify event dispatching in BitmapDataUnlimited class, in order to avoid freezing on resizing in FP11.
Add ability to disable file dialog trigger on request (uploader.disableBrowse(true/false)).
Support for immediate abort of upload process, be it chunked upload or regular one.
Abort all activity, before destroying uploader.
Revive temporary file removal logic in upload.php.
Fix potential vulnerability in dump.php and upload.php.
Additional MIME types: application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.*, application/x-javascript, application/json, text/css,css, application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.formula-templat.
Additional language packs: Hungarian, Croatian, Serbian, Romanian.

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Re: Plupload 1.5.2

If I have selected multi-file upload, how can I stop upload of a single file within the selections?