Topic: getFlashObj().setFileFilters is not a function


thanks for this great software! It's the only uploader I found that should be able to do all I want...

I probably have something wrongand would very much appreciate your help:

I adapted the custom uploader example, using only the flash runtime and doing
up.start within the FilesAdded handler...  With firebug I see the state of the uploader is 2,
but there is no network traffic. When I do uploader.stop() (or ...start()) from the firebug console, I get:

TypeError: getFlashObj().setFileFilters is not a function { message="getFlashObj().setFileFilters is not a function",  more...}

Do you have any idea? How shall I proceed?


Re: getFlashObj().setFileFilters is not a function

Ok, found a solution.

I was using the "container" parameter of the uploader and choose as container a div that behaves like a modal dialog. The hiding of that seemed to confuse the flash...

Of course, I have to refresh the uploader now everytime the dialog is shown or hidden (the latter since otherwise the flash shim will still be there after the dialog is gone...).

Maybe, if anyone of you developers has some time to waste, you could add some  explanation of  the odds of the flash shim ( and what plupload does with the css and why) to the documentation? Or it is already there and I missed it?

Anyway, thanks for the greatest uploader!