Topic: Proposed HTML4 runtime change

One for Spocke - in the HTML4 runtime, when the code resets the target and  action of the form as follows:

// Reset action and target
if (form.tmpAction) {
    form.setAttribute("action", form.tmpAction);

if (form.tmpTarget) {
    form.setAttribute("target", form.tmpTarget);

I don't think it is necessary to test if tmpAction or tmpTarget has a value. You would never want to not reset these. E.g. if your form has no target, then it gets changed by the uploader and never reset. If your form has no action (admittedly this is not correct HTML4), then it is also not reset, but then the form will never post to its intended destination.

Re: Proposed HTML4 runtime change

Yes, but the above code doesn't check if the form has an action. It checks if we changed the action to something else and if we have then we reset it. And it's also not all the time the form gets changed.