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I am using the UI-widget, and I want to be able to disable the can I do that..?

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This might help:

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Can I use this code with the ui-widget? Where should I put it? What is Initialization? I get the opacity working but I don't manage to add attr.
disabled to add-files button.

$('a[id=uploader_browse]').css("opacity", "0.5");
// the  <a id="uploader_browse">Add files</a> located in the "filename" div of the widget  is the "Add files" button/selector which when enabled, opens the "browse" files dialog.
// the 0.5 opacity creates the disabled "dimmed" effect
$('input[type=file]').attr("disabled", true);
// the actual file uploading control.
//there is only one <input type="file"> in my form so this works.