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Topic: How to re enable the uploader after an error

I'm getting an error in flash runtime and with only one file (other files works fine, and this problematic file works file with other runtimes), I don't know why, the error is #2032:
http://www.flashplayerfixer.com/flash-p … r-2032.php

I'm trying to solve that problem (if you know what could be the cause please tell me), but for now I have another problem:

After the error I cannot use the uploader anymore, the buttons for brows and upload disspaear.

Is possible to re enable the uploader?
I tried with up.init() and up.refresh without success.


PS: When I find an aswer to this problem I will update the FAQs with this question too.

Re: How to re enable the uploader after an error

OK, this is my solution, inside your Error event, execute this (only works if you are using Queue widget):

$(".plupload_buttons,.plupload_upload_status").css("display", "inline");