Topic: Silverlight/Chunking - slower uploads?

I am working on a project to allow for up to 5gb uploads.  From research I have found that the two best options at this time are Java, or Silverlight.  I tried to implement the Java runtime by JakobAdam but was unable to get it working correctly.  I would LOVE it if plupload would come standard with a Java option.  I read in these forums that you guys have been thinking about it for over a year now.  Any news?

Anyway, I am now working with my second choice: silverlight.  I found that I was unable to upload anything past about 2gb unless I used chunking.  Does this make sense from a plupload developers perspective? I read that it is supposed to make all the difference when using flash, but should this also apply to Silverlight? I would prefer to not use chunking if possible.  It makes the process just one step more complicated, and appears to be slowing uploads.  The upload speed sort-of comes and goes in consistent bursts.  I assume that is because of the additional tasks it performs between each chunk.

So my questions are:
1. Should silverlight require chunking for large files (2gb+)?
2. When will we see Java in plupload!?

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Re: Silverlight/Chunking - slower uploads?


I finally got Java to work after Jakob (the java runtime author) graciously provided me with some guidance.  It already appears to be far more reliable, and also considerably faster than using Silverlight.

For those who are interested:

Would still love to see Java support included with Plupload!

Re: Silverlight/Chunking - slower uploads?

Jakob does a great job. For anyone interested in huge file uploads his Java implementation is best for sure. SilverLight and all the other runtimes, despite the chunking support, are not well suited for this currently. There is a work in progress now that deals all the vague points of the framework - so we moved from thinking to action - quite a progress for past year, don't you think? big_smile

I would like to see this done very much and done properly

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Re: Silverlight/Chunking - slower uploads?

Thanks for the reply Davit.

I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!