Topic: dynamic filters

Hi guys,

how can I change the :filters parameter dynamically on the same instance?

As I've read on github, Spocke said that in silverlight it's an init option, but what about other runtimes?


Re: dynamic filters

Yes, we need to rewrite both Flash and Silverlight and possible other runtimes to support dynamic filters.

Re: dynamic filters

still about filters..
using {title : "movies", extensions : "mp4,flv,f4v"} + browserplus, my popup window shows me both videos and images

Re: dynamic filters

My workaround this impediment is initiating more instances (with different filters) with the same "browse_button", and after that I change the z-index accordingly , just for flash...haven't tested in other runtime yet.
What do you think Spocke, will I get stuck with other runtimes?