Topic: Returning data from upload.php?

I have a fairly straightforward need.  I am trying to modify the upload.php script to do some business logic and return information about the file to javascript for display to the user.

It looks like JSON-RPC is used?  Does anyone know how I can return my own custom information...and how I access it in javascript @ the "FileUploaded" event?


Re: Returning data from upload.php?

AFAIK you can return anything you want from the server.  Then write your own code in JavaScript to look at the returned data and do whatever you want with it. 

It is in your hands, plupload does nothing other than passing the response from the server back via a callback you register against the FileUploaded event.

Re: Returning data from upload.php?

This topic gets discussed a fair bit on the forum.  This thread may also be helpful:

Re: Returning data from upload.php?

Perfect... thank you for the quick response.

In sort in case anyone else looks for this same information:

uploader.bind('FileUploaded', function(up, file, info) {

Does the trick!

Re: Returning data from upload.php?

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Re: Returning data from upload.php?

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