Topic: installation

Hi guys im newbie here!

Soo my problem is that i CAN'T implement this stuff!!!!

I upload all files to my server, but now what!!!

I create an index and call the flash.swf. but dont show nothing.

Any idea or guide how to do it, or any exmaple.

Please help, giving me big time.... ty

Re: installation

Start by looking at the examples that come with plupload.

Re: installation

I already did that, but how can make it like on the samples, using HMTL 5 whit the drag/drop  files. Also on the example only c the upload files, but not the flash stuff.

It normal??

Re: installation

You can examine the source code for the examples to see how they are put together - that is the intended use for the examples.

An installation how to was written recently as well, it may be of help: