Topic: Settings to ensure success

So, I've been running plupload in a production environment where hundreds of users are uploading (numerous) files varying in sizes, but up to 1 - 2 GB in size.  I've had many folks return to a more stable (java-based) uploader due to the inconsistency with uploading files successfully.  I've prioritized different runtimes (issue seems most consistent with flash).
  I've read the various threads about large file uploading, etc.  Ultimately, what is the best recommendation that I need to pursue?  What are the most successful (and consistent) settings?  Chunking enabled? 
  Ultimately, I need the ability for my users to upload files > 512 MB consistently (which hasn't been the case thus far). 
  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Settings to ensure success

This post from a couple of days ago may be helpful: