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This looks like an excellent utility to leverage the range of different options for file uploading out there. What I'd love to do is to add support for the image manipulation functions available in ImageAlter for BrowserPlus. I've been hunting around for a utility that makes proper use of the module; the PhotoDrop application on the BrowserPlus site appears to use an ancient version of ImageAlter (and doesn't work for me anyway!)

What are your thoughts on this? Would it break the design to have one runtime offering a feature that the others didn't? Are there any other projects that you know of that might already do this?

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We have already runtimes that support things that other doesn't for example the drag/drop feature is not available for some of them. However we don't want to add to much image altering capabilities since the focus of the project is to upload files not alter images and it would add to much to the over all script size.

Also our focus it to try to provide the same functionality across all runtimes so we don't want them to be to different then the purpose of the hole Plupload project would fail. It's all about unification and abstraction.

What specific image altering options did you have in mind?

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Thanks for the quick reply. Being on opposite sides of the planet can sometimes be tricky!

I think the most useful one would be image rotation. A rotate left or right by 90 degrees. You already appear to be doing JPEG compression, which is proving increasingly valuable as cheap cameras produce huge images.

I'm prepared to put in some effort for this, since the alternative would be to build it all myself.

Do you do drag/drop for BrowserPlus? I tried it with the "All runtimes" example, but the browser just switches to display the image as a full page.

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Timo, there is a demo on the browserplus site that uses the latest version of image alter:

What problems are you having with the photo drop demo (and on what browser + os)?  That demo is definitely in need of a refresh.


Steve Spencer

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Apologies; I've been working on other areas, but I'm now back on image uploading.

The PhotoDrop demo is now working fine for me (I don't have a flickr account, but I can manipulate the images perfectly well). I also note the source code is now more readable. I will be reviewing the PhotoDrop and ImageAlter demos again before deciding what to do.