Topic: APICMS: a simple cms with rest api


thanks so much for plupload. saved me days of work. thats why i purchased an OEM licence. i use plupload in two projects. one is public right now

its a small cms thats not a normal cms. you only have an admin panel where you can edit content and upload photos with plupload. the content can be accessed with an restful API...

Re: APICMS: a simple cms with rest api

Hi Wolveware,

Excellent use of plupload from what I can tell. And I'm really intrigued by your CMS "hook" of CMS without templates.

Anyway thanks for posting the project, if it wasn't placed in this forum I'm sure I wouldn't have seen it.


Re: APICMS: a simple cms with rest api

thanks abilene smile
its not easy for me to promote apicms because only a few people understand what the cms should do. because its no traditionally cms. its more like a content storage with a user interface and a defined interface (with the REST API) to it. i havent seen such software so it dont has a widely accepted name i think....
do you think the website makes it clear what it is?