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Topic: chunking files corrupted

we are evaluating Plupload have a very basic example running on redhat apache/passenger rails 3.1.3  when I turn on chunking in the pluploadQueue object
chunk_size: '1mb',  the upload appear to run fine no log errors but looking at the files on the server they are corrupted like they only got the first chunk...

Tested with flash and silverlight

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By the way all works when I remove the chunk_file attribute/parameter from pluploadQueue

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Make sure you have a proper backend handling the chunks. The chunks need to be glued correctly together on the backend side if not the file will be corrupted.

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Hey thanks for the info I was using carrierwave.  Our application is rails based.  Do you have recommendation for a rails /ruby gem that could assit with the glueing?

Any advice is appreciated


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Chunks are sent as files that have to be appended in the same order they arrive. Quite simple logic there. You can check out bundled upload.php example for more info (only php is bundled at the moment, sorry guys).

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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I got it working it was very easy.  Thanks

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Hello dale,

I have the same problem. Please tell me what you did to fix it.
My script put a part of the header in the file. Wrote something about it here: