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Topic: Queue fails to load with Bootstrap 3.1.1


New to forum, but have been using Plupload for years on my backend site. Thanks so much for a great tool.

I have an issue that just cropped up when I upgraded my included version of bootstrap JS to version 3.1.1, specifically: //maxcdn.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.3.7/js/bootstrap.min.js

When I have this loaded the HTML5 widget does not display correctly (buttons have no borders, etc)  not icons in buttons. I can drag photos to the loader pane, but I cannot click the "Start Upload" which is now text and not a button.

Anyone else have this issue or a solution?

UPDATE: After doing some testing, I find that bootstrap 3.3.6 does not interfere, but the newer version 3.3.7 causes the issue. 3.3.7 is necessary for JQuery 3 support.


Re: Queue fails to load with Bootstrap 3.1.1


After a little more research, I found the load order of jQuery, jQueryUI and bootstrapJS can resolve the issues.  As found on the link below, the jQuery->bootstrapJS->jQuery UI order seems to resolve the conflict. Boostrap CSS and plupload order do not seem to matter if after the above sequence.


Hope this helps somebody!