Topic: Plupload 2.3.1


Marked all NPM dependencies as dev (this will make NPM package so much lighter).
Add BeforeChunkUpload event.
Fix event-based invocation of chunk uploading, where it wasn't possible to unbind from the event properly.
Add new option http_method (basically to support PUT).
Fix bytesPerSec reporting.
Treat extensions in accept option as case-insensitive.
Do not add mime types into accept attribute, when browser can filter by extensions only.
Improved quality for client-side image resizing (bilinear resampling).
Add AMD/CommonJS support via UMD-like wrapper.
Drop mOxie and o namespaces. Majority of helper methods are also accessible from plupload namespace or moxie namespace (yep, there were too many, sorry).
Fix processing of scheme-less URLs, like: //
UI: Fix regression where thumbnails weren't scaled when cropped.
UI/Queue: Renaming and removing should be possible for queued files only.
Update Spanish, Polish ans Swedish language packs.
Update mOxie to: v1.5.3.

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