Topic: Drag and Drop

The CMS I develop in my job has been build using plupload some time ago, before they supported drag and drop functionality, and I've been tasked with implementing a drag and drop interface for it.

I have tried to research how I would best go about this, I'm weary of rebuilding the whole thing if I can avoid it but that might be necessary. I guess my question is "Can I easily change my functionality with config variables or will I likely have to rebuild from the start?"

Either way I'd appreciate some advice about where to look for good examples to follow, I went through some of the documentation was was a bit overwhelmed, I also couldn't see any section relating to drag and drop, I'm not sure if that's just an option or if it's the default way to build upload forms.

Re: Drag and Drop

Plupload supports drag and drop, you just need some container on the page that will serve as drop zone and then pass it's id as a value to drop_element option, in Plupload config.

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