Topic: Renaming files onto S3

Hey guys,

Really glad this plugin is available for free. Tried other plugins and they are very hard to understand and change.

Anyway, I m trying to rename every file that is going to be uploaded to my S3 but stuck in where to change the fields. I have tried "rename", "unique_names" and still doesnt show up in my S3 bucket as a unique name. I want to rename all the files that are going to be uploaded into a hash version and then i will save that reference in a database somehow.

How do you actually capture all that information after all the files have been successfully uploaded?

And what do I use to rename all the files? I know I can concatenate a date string to the file name, but is there any other way?


Re: Renaming files onto S3


I did solve this in the back end.

for example,

In the url params, let's say I point the endpoint to "upload.php", then in that file, i would just rename all the $_FILES into the "key" that s3 takes.