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Topic: Image file size

I have several examples of images that before plupload are 1.3m or 2.8m or something similar to that.  However, when I upload them to my website using plupload, with the resize settings as such:

  resize: {
    quality: 100

...the image size is greatly reduced to something like 270k.

Additionally - if I add settings like this...

  resize: {
    height: 2048,
    width: 2048,
    quality: 100

...the plupload queue UI reports that the file size gets LARGER (two to three times as large) even though the actual size on my server doesn't change after upload
                                            No resizing                        With resizing                   Final size on
File          Size on PC          Size in Plupload UI             Size in Plupload UI         Server
1.jpg        1.4m                    1.4m                                   3.3m                               270k
2.jpg         2.8m                    2.8m                                   5.9m                              355k

This makes zero sense to me.  Can anyone explain what's going on?   I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Image file size

What version of Plupload do you use? Also what are the original dimensions of the images in question?

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.