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Today we release first beta of our third major Plupload version. Beta is there mostly because of the ground up rewrite. The code base was always a bit bloated, so we decided to split it into thematic modules. It is now easier to follow and maintain. We also brought improved flexibility. Both upload and image resizing now have their own queues, that can be controlled separately. Simultaneous uploads of files and more importantly chunks is one of the useful consequences of this rewrite. We are working to update the documentation now, with new options and feature overviews.


Major rewrite (finally split the code into separate modules)
Simultaneous uploads of files and chunks.
Better control on chunks.
Separate queue for image resizing.
Improved quality for client-side image resizing (bilinear resampling).

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Do you have a rough ETA for the updated documentation?
I'd love to have a play with the new version.

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I was try Simultaneous uploads of files with add
and browser freezee. What i should do to normal work script?

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changing settings.url, settings.multipart_params not working at BeforeUpload, UploadFile. Switched to 2.x branch - same code works wekll