Topic: Graceful error if uploads > maxRequestLength?

If I upload any file that is greater than maxRequestLength (default 4096 KB) set in the web.config httpRuntime setting, I get either a confusing and misleading "Access is denied" error (html4) or no warning at all, but no file uploaded (html5).

I will increase this value, but unless I set it ludicrously high, the client will encounter a time where they want to upload something that is larger than this limit.  The higher the limit, the more frustrating it will be when the client attempts an upload that exceeds this, and the file doesn't make it to the server.

Is there an "official" way to trap this error before the web server has to contend with it?

Re: Graceful error if uploads > maxRequestLength?

You can set max_file_size filter in your config and show a warning to the user.

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