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Topic: Programmatic trigger of File Dialog

Can there be any invocation of ActionScript methods via JavaScript/DOM elements & events?

We have a data grid rendered into the web page that needs to have an upload button per row. And uploads associate to that record/row's PK ID. I'm open to any suggestions not to have potentially up to 50 instances of flash loaded that all do the same thing.

If this is a duplicate post I humbly apologize upfront.

Thank you.


Reason for using the Flash/SWF plugin and PLUpload in general. IE 11 has a bug (https://connect.microsoft.com/IE/feedback/details/819941/file-upload-stop-working-on-ie-with-windows-authentication) that until everyone upgrades to Windows 10 with Edge is probably going to remain a thorn in our side. So we seek to find a solution that replaces the upload functionality of the native IE 11. Unfortunately all other SWF solutions like SlickUpload and SWFUpload both are no longer maintaining their code base and are now vouching for PLUpload.

Re: Programmatic trigger of File Dialog

Nevermind, the answer is no, due to security constraints.