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We are preparing Plupload 2.2.x branch that will have support for simultaneous uploads and also should incorporate better resizing algorithms. Meanwhile we decided to backport lots of big and small changes that have accumulated since we've started to work on 2.2.x. They constitute 2.1.4 release (100+ commits with features and fixes). Here is the list of some the most important ones:


Fix: don't cancel current upload on generic file error
UI: If thumb fails to load display the placeholder with extension
Add Catalan, Vietnamese language packs. Update Albanian.
Add Bulgarian and Kurdish lang packs. Update Armenian.
Flash: swf shouldn't accept any parameters via query string when loaded directly.
Update moxie to v1.3 (see a changelog below for more details)

Changelog for moxie v1.3:
(last minor version to target Flash Player 10.3)

FileInput, HTML5: Allow multiple file upload on iOS 8+.
FileInput, HTML5: Where possible filter files by extensions, instead of mime types.
FileInput, HTML5: Set relativePath on the File object when it's available (when folder is selected in WebKit).
FileInput/FileDrop: Unbind all events on destroy.
FileReader, Silverlight: Constrain conversion of the buffer to amount of bytes that it actually contains.
Image, HTML5/Flash/Silverlight: Properly extract RATIONAL/SRATIONAL types.
Image/Jpeg, HTML5: Survive the cases when there's no embedded thumb.
Image, HTML5: Extract embedded thumb from JPEG, when available.
Runtime, Flash: Make sure SWF is properly removed in IE on destroy.
RuntimeClient: Letter-case of the runtime identifier, shouldn't matter.
Encode, Utils: Fix btoa() to properly interpret multi-byte strings.

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Saw Fine Uploader's feature comparison table including Plupload and it sure seems like some of it is wrong...

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do you have any news about the release of plupload 2.2?
We are really waiting for the bilinear interpolation when resizing on client size.

Hope to receive some news, thanks in advance.