Topic: How to alter settings after init?

Lets say I have a $("#uploader").plupload({settings....}); call to init the UI widget.  I also have a dropdown pair for selecting the resize height and width.  The init settings has:
        resize : {
            width : 800,
            height : 800,
            quality : 95,
            crop: false

How would I go about altering the resize height and width when the user changes the dropdown?

And does the client resize happen when the file is dropped on the widget or does it happen when the upload is started?

Re: How to alter settings after init?

Resize happens just before the upload, not on file selection. You can alter options after init using uploader.setOption() method if you are using Core API, or $('#uploader').plupload('option') method for UI Widget.

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Re: How to alter settings after init?

Ok, thank you, looks like $('#uploader').plupload('option') is what I am looking for.

So to change the quality the syntax is?