Topic: Leave file in queue on error

Is there a way to leave a file in the queue if a server side response says it failed?

I have renaming active and I also have some server side checks that prevent overwriting files.  If a file fails the upload due to the file already existing, how can I leave it in the queue so the user can double click  to rename it and simply click upload again?

I am currently hooking the FileUploaded event and doing:
                file.status = plupload.FAILED; //FAILED = 4
                upload.trigger('UploadProgress', file);

What can I do to re-queue the file or mark it as ready to go again?

Anyone have suggestions?

Re: Leave file in queue on error

You can change file.status to plupload.QUEUED manually and reset file.loaded to 0. On next uploader.start() file will be picked up for the upload again.

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