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I have written this post on stack overflow:

But I didn't get an answer and wondered if anyone can help. Here is the question.
To recap.

I am trying to get this functionality:

1> User clicks pick image button and file is uploaded (working now)
2> User clicks pick image button again and existing file is replaced with new.
3> User clicks remove button and the file is removed.

This fiddle shows where I am:

I'm struggling to work out how to do this.

Can anyone help?


Re: upload a single file

I've written a reply in SO. Have a look at this fiddle and see if it helps. There's more details on your post there.

Re: upload a single file

Brilliant, that's exactly what I needed.

thanks so much!

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Re: upload a single file

UPDATE: will start a new thread for this.

I've only just noticed that the code above works great for .jpg and .png but when I just tried a .gif but the thumbnail does not appear after upload.

Any ideas?