Topic: Is there a ready built plupload?

Looking at instructions with the Plupload download it looks as if you have to build plupload and the various runtimes. Is there a ready built version that I can use. I don't think my hosting package lets me build things.

I am very much a newbie to all this so apologies if this is a silly question :)

Re: Is there a ready built plupload?

There is no need to build anything if you are using a released version.  The latest release is 1.4.2 and is available here:

Look at the examples to see how to include the appropriate files from the release package in your web pages and make use of plupload to upload your files ( the source code from the examples are also included in the release package):


Re: Is there a ready built plupload?

Thanks mike. I have managed to get one of the examples working, to some extent. I will post my next question as a fresh thread :)