Topic: HTML 4 runtime does not work

Hi All,

I see issues with HTML 4 run time environment for plupload. I have been searching through forums and see there are bugs open for this. I am not sure how much they match my scenario. I see the multipart request coming at the server side, but the file size is zero. I tried to load this in flash but it takes a lot of time to load the widget. Because of this it is not possible for me to work on this as the two environments don't seem to work. I have been investigating this from 2 days with no luck.

Can any one point me to any solution for this or any work around would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

Re: HTML 4 runtime does not work

This sounds like But the demos of HTML4 upload do work, so we must be doing something wrong.

Re: HTML 4 runtime does not work

Got it. In plupload.html4.js, line 207 reads


This means the hidden input that is supposed to contain the file is inside the container, not inside the form that gets submitted. So the submitted form is empty. It should read: