Topic: Target Dir ($targetDir)

Is there anyway I can reach the files in /tmp/plupload/ and move them to my own specified path? I've tried to change $targetDir in upload.php and I've tried copy($file, $newfile) but this doesn't work either. I've even tried move_uploaded_file and changed a bit in the upload.php but that doesn't work.

When I did this I sent a dump to a MySQL server to check for errors but I can't find any errors in the data posted. Operations like copy() and move_uploaded_file() should work, right?

Anyhow: How do I set the $targetDir to my own path where I wan't the files to appear?

Re: Target Dir ($targetDir)

I found this, what do I change on my webserver to enable this operation? … d#issue/35

Re: Target Dir ($targetDir)

This solved my problems.