Topic: Need help with plupload control...


I would like to know before I purchasing Plupload license to my commercial site a few things:
1 - what is the best common Runtime technology which all regular browser supports>
     Maybe HTML 4 runtime? as given in the
2 - also, how I'm getting the parameters value from the uploader..? (I'm using
     Such as upload files list (name, size..), and how to tell the uploader where to Save thoses files..
     cause each group of files should be saved in different folder per each user.
3 - Can I add more details to the progress bar? such as bitRate...


Re: Need help with plupload control...

Before you purchase a license you should test plupload to make sure it meets your needs.

1 - You specify the runtimes as a list ordered from best choice to worst.  For example I use "html5,flash,html4".  plupload will then try to us html5 if the browser supports it, then flash if html5 is not available, and finally html4 is the final fallback which all browsers support.  But html4 has limitiations like no multiple file selection which many users want which is why it is last in my list.

2 - You should look at the examples that come with plupload.  There is some php code for server side which should give you an idea of how to handle server side processing.

3 - Since you have the source code for plupload you can add anything in theory - not sure how easy it is to add bitrate as I only use the core API and not the widgets.

Again I'd recommend trying plupload out in a test application before deciding if it meets your needs.