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I use the custom example on my page and disable resize option.

So it looks like:
        filters : [
            {title : "Image files", extensions : "jpg,gif,png"},
            {title : "Zip files", extensions : "zip"}
        //resize : {width : 320, height : 240, quality : 90}

Try to upload multiple images, it works well on Firefox, but in IE8 it stop after the first file is uploaded.

Any ideas?

Thanks. smile

Re: IE resize problem

Probably not a lot of immediate help to you but I don't have any problems using plupload to upload multiple files in IE8.  I'm using my own code which, at it's core, is pretty much the same as the custom example - and v 1.4.2 of plupload.  I specify the html5, flash and html4 runtimes.  IE8 is using the flash runtime to handle the multiple file upload without any problems.

Are you sure you've got the server side code running properly?  Which runtime are you using on IE?  Which version of IE are you using?

Re: IE resize problem

Hi mike

I use IE8 + plupload 1.4.2 to upload images which is using flash runtime.

Upload 3 images(under 500kb), but web server log show only 1 request.
No javascript error when it stop uploading the second image.
This problem only occurs when the 'resize' option is removed. It works very well when using 'resize' option.

Thank you for your help mike. big_smile

Re: IE resize problem

@racepig, do you have this case online?

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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Re: IE resize problem

Hi davit

I found the problem is my image upload page returns nothing.
If upload page returns a string then it works.

This is my test page: (using IE8 and at least upload 2 images)

the upload url 'do_nothing.php' returns null string

success: ()
upload url 'do_nothing.php?val=1' return '1'

Thank you for your help. big_smile