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There were two major additions to Flash runtime and one important bugfix for HTML5 runtime on latest WebKit browsers.

Better quality image resize in Flash runtime
Flash runtime was always quite bad at retaining image quality on resize, especially when drop in dimensions was going to be dramatic. SliverLight, GEARS and even HTML5 (in latest browsers), did much better. This problem has raised multitude of complaints, so we decided to finally address the issue and bring it down at any pace. So, here it goes!

Flash will now properly handle resolutions up to 8191x8191px
Another big problem for many users was Flashs inability to resize big (I'd say - huge) images (20 MP+). Thanks to Martin Rädlingers BitmapUnlimitedData we were able to overcome this constraint. Upper limit of 8191px still stays though, for width and height: if either dimension will outsize it, Flash runtime will generate error code IMAGE_DIMENSIONS_ERROR. 8191 seems to be a "black hole" number for Flash and it will generate blank black boxes out of images for any values beyond it.


Added Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian and Spanish translations.
Added support for file_data_name option to SilverLight runtime.
Added support for better quality image resizing to Flash runtime.
Added support for properly handling images with dimensions up to 8191x8191 pixels to Flash runtime.
Added 'updatelist' event to UI Widget, which will be triggered every time file list will get redrawn. 
Added support for dynamically changing options to UI Widget.
Fixed HTML4 runtime bug, when UploadFile handler was attached twice. 
Fixed HTML5 to use FileReader.readAsBinaryString() instead of File.getAsBinary() on newer WebKit browsers (like Chrome 9).
Fixed Flash runtime from sending duplicate Filename param, when using FileReference.upload(). 
Updated S3 example to illustrate support for a proper progress indication.  
If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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nice feature! i'll try this!

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Thank you, for this new feature!!!!

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Hi, any timetable for releasing Flash cleanup code? (Between instance invocations).

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Thank you for the new feature and info.