Topic: Recently switched to the UI.Widget and having an issue with error even

I recently switched to the UI.queue widget and was previously using the standard queue jquery plugin one(the non themeable one)
Anyways with the UI.widget when I start the upload and one of the files fails on the server side the error event is thrown, but the queue processing stops with the NON UI queue plugin that did not happen and every file was uploaded and then the UploadComplete event would fire and I could handle the errors there.

The UI widget displays the error in the header and then just stops processing the queue, honestly I did update to the latest version of the stable plupload so I don't really know if this is a change globaly or if it's just a difference between the UI widget and the queue widget.

I tried returning true from the error event, but it still just stops the processing and leaves the stop upload button, if I then click that stop upload button and then the start button again it then fires the uploadcomplete event but the status of the files is then all successful instead of one being marked as failed.

I have a file whitelist enabled on the server side, so all I have to do is upload a .exe and it raises an error server side.