Topic: Reskinning Plupload?

How hard would it be to reskin Plupload? I'm not so interested in the Flash uploader so presumably I can simply adjust the css for the methods accordingly?

Thanks y'all

Re: Reskinning Plupload?

Yes, it's pretty easy. Or you could do your own custom implementation and have any UI for it.

Re: Reskinning Plupload?

no extra info or pointers on where to start for reskinning?

can the flash be reskinned? is ther ann fla file or something we can edit?

where are the css files for the other modules? i am mainly intrested in htlm 4 and 5

Re: Reskinning Plupload?

Actually runtimes do not provide any UI, so you can't skin flash or html5 or any other one. If you are using Plupload Core directly then it's basically up to you what the html structure of uploader will be and how it will look like. But I guess you are using one of the queue widgets, 'cause only they have a predefined structure and styling. Well, in the latter case you probably could use pre-created structure, but along with your customized css file. Queue widgets do not support user defined html-structure just yet. So you will have to use either provided one or write your own implementation based on Core.

By the way, there was a big update to jQuery UI Plupload widget in the trunk. You can always download latest raw version at github.

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

Re: Reskinning Plupload?

Might be usefull to check out the simplest example.

So you can great whatever UI you want around the Plupload core.