Topic: Duplicate filename on server end?

I have duplicate names on server end, lets say even when using the unique name option. How can I tell plupload that the name is taken, rename the file to _____ and continue upload.

On php end I'm thinking check filename if it exists, if it exists assign it a new name, upon assignment of new name, send it back to plupload to continue the upload seamlessly.

Any tips? Thank you!

Re: Duplicate filename on server end?

I do not see how you can get any duplicates with unique_names option, but you can use that approach you've described in second paragraph, although you do not need to send any file names back to Plupload as it doesn't require them. You can simply take whatever is sent from Plupload and name it as you like.

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Re: Duplicate filename on server end?

Thanks, I did just that, and checked mime types along the way.