Topic: Plupload 1.5.6 (bugfix release)

Version 1.5.6 (2013-02-28)
    Fix regression: getPos() wrong on ie6/7.
    HTML5: Send file as binary string if it was mangled, even if multipart is set to false.
    HTML5: Add workaround Android browsers, that are unable to properly send blobs in FormData.
    HTML4/Flash/Silverlight: Destroy fails to cleanup everything when container not defined.
    UI, Queue: Use html() instead of text(), otherwise special characters fail to display properly.
    UI, Queue: Use on() instead of delegate() or live(). Update examples to use jQuery 1.9.0 by default.
    Queue: Blur rename input field when ESC is pressed.
    Additional language packs: Slovak.
Version 1.5.5 (2013-01-23)
    UI Widget: Fix sortable feature, broken in jQuery UI 1.9.
    HTML5: window.getComputedStyle in Firefox doesn't support dashed rulenames - use zIndex instead of z-index.
    HTML5/Flash/Silverlight/Gears: Process JPEGs, if quality parameter is present, whatever the scale factor.
    Flash: Survive invalid EXIF tag offsets.
    Flash: Allow only letters, digits and underscore in runtime id to avoid script injection.
    SilverLight: Prepend ampersand to the query string, for non multipart cases (as in Flash and HTML5).
    Add mime types for m2v,3gp,3g2 extensions.
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