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Topic: Change the "browse_button" html elements on mouse click

I'm trying to integrate plupload with another toolkit.  I'm using an html button that changes the background image when the button is depressed - using the mousedown and mouseup events.  This makes the button act like normal desktop UI buttons - i.e. it depresses when you click on it and returns to normal when the click is released.

I've glued plupload onto one of these buttons by inserting an id into the html elements that make up the button and then creating a plupload.Uploader with browse_button set to that id.  But of course the Uploader now seems to be catching all the mouse events preventing the button from appearing to depress and return to normal.

Is there any way to be notified by plupload that the mousedown and mouseup events have been caught so I can force my button to depress and return to normal?  Or is it possible to stop the Uploader from blocking mouse event propagation for the browse_button?

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Re: Change the "browse_button" html elements on mouse click

since im programming in jquery i forgot javascript so i have to say that this is posible in jquery

Re: Change the "browse_button" html elements on mouse click

Do you have an example written in jquery?  Or a link to any documentation on the subject?  I've been unable to find anything, and my inspection of the source code has not been encouraging so far.