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So I thought I'd start out by trying the tutorial in the tutorials section.  I copied the relevant files into the relevant folders (not in root but in a sub folder) and created /uploads and gave it 0777 permissions.  Copied the HTML from the tutorial and uploaded it.

The only problem is I can't seem to get it to work.  Clicking the links doesn't seem to do anything, even mousing over the links doesn't suggest that hitting the links will do anything.  Right clicking on the links brings up a flash dialogue box. 

If I set up the custom.html example everything works fine and it loads into the HTML5 runtime.  Which is fine, unless I have users which aren't using modern browsers.  So I disabled all the other runtimes in custom.html apart from flash (to test it) and the problem reoccurs.  Is this a known problem, or am I just doing something stupid?

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if you trying to run the example opening it from your local files, it won't work as the flash, for security reasons, doens't integrate with javascript in local files, you should put it on a web server (even local web servers - localhost).

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Leandro, I've tried running it both on a local apache server and on a remote server.  The PHP wouldn't work if it was local files regardless. ;-)

I can PM you a link to the web address to see if you can see any fault with my code, or at least see what the problem looks like :-)

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looks like your flash file is the problem, when I navigate to your plupload.flash.swf url and right click it's showing to me "movie not loaded"

but when I navigate to it's not showing this message when I right click and also it's opening the dialog to select the files when clicking on it.

downloading the last plupload version from the site and overwriting all your old plupload files with it should solve your problem.

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Thanks Leandro, that's done the trick I suspect the culprit may have been my FTP program, it always screws up images as well.