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First of all, great product, we find it to be really well done.

Now the question:

With IOS 6, Apple added the ability to upload pictures from the browser.  So, I tried it out on an iPad to see how well it worked.  If I select a single picture, it works great.  If I select multiple pictures, however, it seems to concatenate all selections into a single file (the queue only shows a single file with a larger file size) but still only uploads the first selected file.

Is this something that can be fixed?  It seems like plupload is misinterpreting the information being returned from the IOS 6 browser (Safari, in this case).

If not, is there a way to limit the selection to a single selection at a time.  By this I mean, the queue can have multiple files but I want the file selection box to only allow a single selection.


Re: IOS 6 and plupload

try set the "multi_selection" setting to false to select one file at a time

Re: IOS 6 and plupload

Thanks, LeandroJF!  That worked perfectly.  It even triggered the IOS camera option, which is an unexpected yet pleasant bonus.

Re: IOS 6 and plupload

Hello, may I know which version of plupload u were using to get it working for IOS 6? I am looking for a solution for mulitple file upload using plupload.
Thanks for the reply ..