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Firstly please don't flame me for using an ancient technology like Classic ASP - there's a lot of sites out there still using it unfortunately wink

I'd appreciate some help integrating this solution with a classic ASP backend running VBscript.  I've seen the example in another post, but am not sure if it's possible to convert this over to vbscript.

Thanks in advance!

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You can use the multipart mode for classical ASP then it will work the same as a normal form upload.

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if you've figured this out on classic ASP, please post.

Can the admins tell me if the PHP file in the example is accessed and run before the actual upload?

I can't even get a form and buttons to show up. I'm wondering if this has to do with an invisible Ajax call to the upload file that's failing. Ajax is fairly transparent when troubleshooting.

I've gone so far as wgetting everything re-assembling it in toto in precisely the same form and am still having installation issues.

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Which example are you trying to run?

I don't think there are any AJAX calls to the server before you upload the files in any of the examples.  I know the custom example certainly loads fine without needing to make any AJAX calls.

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@rbjoet check paths to js scripts and css styles.

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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davit wrote:

@rbjoet check paths to js scripts and css styles.

I did this multiple times.

I guess I'll simply do the same thing again.

I was surprised that the files need to be precisely implemented in a directory method that is a little wonky, not configurable from the config file and not clearly stated in the install or implementation docs.

For those of us with very large sites, this implementation is problematic because we already have directories for holding certain types of files. (If we have all our Javascript in /javascript and not /js then we need to change file references according to how we've labeled our folders.)

I was hoping for something plug and play but it's a lot of spaghetti and what looks like some file references that developers can't see?

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The examples are just that, examples of how to make use of plupload, its API and plugins.  You are under no requirement to use a particular file or directory structure for your own use of plupload.  Also, depending on what components of plupload you choose to use, all of the files are not needed.

I think @davit's advice was to simply get the examples up and working.