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Topic: Android trouble with jquery.ui.plupload.js

I believe this is the file that is controlling the upload service as I added additional file types to the filters statement in this file and was able to upload additional file types.

PLUPLOAD works perfect on Windows Browsers.Testing on Android 5.0 and 4.4 compatible  browsers shows intermittent support at best.  I am able to Browse and add files to the queue one at a time, by initiating a Browse for each file selected. Only one or two files from my list of files in the queue are uploaded from the list and thumbnails are shown with the no thumbnail icon. The progress bar does stall on the second file, no progress.  Also when one file at a time is Browsed, selected and uploaded, thumbnails of the supported types, gif png jpg are not made and the no thumb image is displayed.

During my first round of Android testing all seemed to go well, being able to uploading any files desired and thumbnails being displayed.  The next round of testing was hampered as described.

Could it be a timeout issue on the data connection? Is there a timeout setting in PLUPLOAD that I can increase to allow more time for slower mobile data connections to complete the file transfers and on allow time for "on device" thumbnail building by underpowered mobile processors?

Has anyone else had these same problems and overcome them?

Version Information
Am using PLUPLOAD with WeBid auction platform.  I successfully upgraded the old version of PLUPLOAD that comes packaged with WeBid 1.1.2P2  to PLUPLOAD 2.1.8 to gain Android browser support.

PS Is there a setting to allow more than one file per Browse to be selected?  When I selected a second file I am not allowed close the file dialogue until only one file has been selected.

Observations in jquery.ui.plupload.js
What is 300? milliseconds? seconds?  Other?

        function onLast(el, eventName, cb) {
            var timer;        
            el.on(eventName, function() {
                timer = setTimeout(function() {
                }, 300);

            if (self.options.autostart) {
                // set a little delay to make sure that QueueChanged triggered by the core has time to complete
                setTimeout(function() {
                }, 10);

            // do not show UI if no runtime can be initialized
            if (err.code === plupload.INIT_ERROR) {
                setTimeout(function() {
                }, 1);
            } else {
                self.notify('error', message);

setTimeout(cb, 1); // detach, otherwise ui might hang (in SilverLight for example)

Re: Android trouble with jquery.ui.plupload.js

Can you also post your config? Or even better, we now have a playground at: http://play.plupload.com. If you could submit your case there, we could test in different scenarios, including different Android platforms.

If you want to see your issue fixed, do not report it here, do it on - GitHub.

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Re: Android trouble with jquery.ui.plupload.js

Within the WeBid auction script in directory /js/plupload where WeBid keeps the PLUpload module I see no configuration file .conf

I don't have any idea how I would use that playground tool. PLUpload is called by the WeBid script "Upldgallery.php".

Given what I have. How would I go about using that playground?  I can send you a zip file of my js/plupoad directory for you to see what is being used by WeBid.

I have uploaded a copy of the zipped /plupload directory to my server for you to download, as  I don't see anywhere in this forum to attach files.


Let me know when you've got it and I will take the file down.