Topic: Filter Filename on Add?

I am looking to filter filenames when they are dropped or added to the cue.  Things such as removing &, quotes, spaces, things like that where they would cause issues with URLs.

Maybe I am missing it but I don't see any sort of onAddToCue event in the UI widget.  And if there is one could some kind soul post a way to alter the filename of the image as its dropped on the widget please.

I will be checking filenames server side as well but I thought it would be nice to have it happen within sight of the user as they add files so they would have a heads up.

Also, is there an onRename event that can be hooked to filter the name if the user tries to rename the file using the UI?

Re: Filter Filename on Add?

This might help: File Filters.

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Re: Filter Filename on Add?

Um, no it really doesn't.  I would like to filter CHARACTERS in filenames not file TYPES or SIZES.. 

For example, if "My Favorite Image!.jpg" is dropped, I would like to alter the name  in the queue to be "MyFavoriteImage.jpg" (notice removed spaces and !).  And if the user attempts a rename (double click on the name) and uses any illegal characters, they need to be removed in that event as well. 

When the name change occurs, i would want to inform the user via an error dialog that the name had been automatically altered rather than doing it server side.  Yes, I am verifying the names server side also but I would like the immediate feedback to the user of what is going to happen with his/her file names before it actually happens.