Topic: include relativePath in POST

HI there, I have the queue_widget.html setup to my upload.aspx page and the files are getting uploaded properly. But, I would like to include with each file the relativePath attribute so that perhaps I can use that to create any subdirectories on the server while uploading.

Any chance you can guide me in sending that? Is it already sent and I'm just not reading it?


Re: include relativePath in POST

No it is not sent automatically, and in fact the property itself, as far as I know is available only in WebKit and only for drag and drops and folder selections. Unfortunately current stable release (2.1.2) doesn't expose that property at all. But if you are ready to experiment you could clone the master repository and build Plupload yourself to get hold of relativePath property where available.

In all cases you will have to send relativePath to the server yourself, as part of multipart_params option for example.

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Re: include relativePath in POST

But for example this guy has it showing the folders in the local browser when dragging. But I am not sure how to use this one to upload. I used the pluploadQueue and have that working fine, but not sure how to get the folder names there.