Topic: PHP Errors are not shown

Hey guys,

currently im using your example upload.php file which is returning a json object with a nested error object if some error occurs. Now the thing is, that the user doesn't see that an error occured. The uploader shows the green check icon and on the bottom this "Uploaded x/y files" message.

I had to add some code to the uploadNextChunk function in to check if there is an error object in the xhr responseText. If so im calling handleError with the corresponding error message. This works like a charm but im not sure if this is the right way to do it.

Thanks in advance!


Re: PHP Errors are not shown

Server response can be arbitrary, json output in upload.php is only an example. It could have been xml or jsonp. Important point here is that Plupload currently is completely client-side solution it doesn't react to server responses, other than HTTP errors. It simply passes them through. It's up to the implementor to intercept them, in FileUploaded handler for example, and take appropriate actions - throw error notification or stop the queue, etc.

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