Topic: How to create my own theme in plupload

Am very new to plupload and I am excited to use plupload in my first project. I have seen that its using jQuery-UI themes but Is it possible to use my own theme(created by me) and place images at side and loading progress in other side rather than that box like design and dont need drag and drop options too. I need to keep a button at right end and images will be loaded in the left end and loading progress below to button(to open files selector). Am trying to change the UI and not theme. So is it possible and is there any examples that I could refer for it? Thanks in advance.

Re: How to create my own theme in plupload

Actually the whole UI Widget once upon a time was one big example. But people started to actively use it, so as the time went by we converted it into a standalone Plupload implementation. Plupload itself is an API, without any hardcoded visuals, so - yes, you can take it and build your own implementation to your liking.

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