Topic: Code improvement advice for the custom example

Hi there!

First of all, this is the greatest web application of all time. I've been just waiting for this for over 10 years smile Good job.

Secondly, I'd like to share my experiences with you, and I hope you may improve the custom example.

1st: If you change the 'FileUploaded' event not to write "100%" but "Done!" instead, you will see that it will never appear. That is because the "UploadProgress" event fires once more after the "FileUploaded" event so it overwrites the "Done!" message.

2nd: If you add a group of files and upload them, then add some other files, in the '#filelist' the previously uploaded files will be shown again.

Both 1st and 2nd problem can be easily solved by adding the following condition for the "UploadProgress" event and for the "QueueChanged" event's 'each' loop:

if(file.status < 5){ /* original code */ }

Hope this come in handy.